Friday, March 28, 2008

Louisiana Fish and Chips - 2817 Telegraph Ave

I'd actually heard from a neighbor that he loves this place. I don't like fried food, but I figured we'd give it a try anyway. Hey - they have burritos, so yet another "fried seafood and burrito" place on Telegraph. The first one didn't disappoint...

Unfortunately, this one did disappoint. All the fried fish was bizarrely hard, though to be fair the crust wasn't greasy. Vaguely tasteless and otherwise kinda nasty, but not greasy. Woo.

The hushpuppies were also bland. The burrito was bland. Everything was bland and left us feeling like we were glad we stopped eating before we felt gross.

I believe that this is the place that made 2 other friends sick. I was hoping this wasn't the same place, but after eating there I fear that it was. Yuk.

What we ordered: Fried fish that came with fries, hush puppies and a burrito
Atmo: takeout fish fry
Crowd: us
Spent: Too much, probably $30
Overall rating: (we don't divide evenly; food is more important): 0 sporks

Yes, 0 sporks. We didn't like a single thing. Sorry, Louisiana Fish & Chips. Wait - no, I'm not sorry. You owe me $30 and some calorie credits!

Our advice? Avoid this place and go to Off the Hook if you absolutely must have fried fish and burritos.

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1 comment:

Gabe said...

I guess you think you're being so cosmopolitan, witty and clever by bashing a fried seafood place after you say you don't like fried fish, but I would like to remind you that as a journalist, even an amatuer one, you have a responsibilty to write in a fair and objective manner.

The folks that run this shop are hard-working, taxpaying members of our community that deserve your respect. A one-star Yelp review means the retaurant is really awful. This place is good by any objective measure.